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Drawing with light

It all started with photography, a word derived from the Greek photos, meaning light, and graphos, meaning writing or painting. And that is what we do — draw with light.

In a world over-saturated with photos and videos taken and manipulated on iPhones, we believe — more so now than ever — in the value of powerful, professional photography. It marks you out from all the visual noise and is the only way to skilfully communicate your message. The wrong photography or a poor-quality film can devalue a brand instantly, so that’s why we work with our clients to ensure that their marketing materials befit their ethos.

In addition to working with our long-term clients, we produce one-off commercials, documentaries and promotional videos for brands and broadcast. We also provide a discreet and confidential film-making service for organisations who require embargoed, R&D or White Label projects.

At Sweet Chilli Films, we pride ourselves on being a small but effective team; providing all the services of a full-service agency but without the usual overheads.

We are the definition of boutique filmmaking — our small team works with a select number of hand-picked clients in a symbiotic relationship through which we develop and produce a long-term strategy for their creative output, encompassing film, photography and written content for online, the big screen, TV and print.